What’s the Rumpus?

Meet the EBMB on a wet and cold night at 75th & Division for the long cold trip to the Rumpus Room. What the hell are we doing out here? This place looks dodgy. Then … inside. A shuffleboard mecca! Two Rock-ola 22ft. shuffleboards with bowling alley raised booths surrounding them. The older table, the brunette is the finest of the two. Cold core pitcher of Hamms and play until we are flat done. Marvelous M kicking tail, 61-24 in one four game winning stretch. Pontius. Drive-by. I do manage a shutout, but somehow it feels like a fish given to a harp seal just before a brutal clubbing. Zulu arrives and then we are quickly off to the Watertrough. Blockwalk. Wet shoes make the door electric. Free bankboard for the shock treatment. Redhead barkeep brilliant and steady as always on these empty Tuesdays. Zulu rules the board and it is now much too late for dreaming. Crap load of shuffleboard leaves me exhausted and the cold air makes for a brisk slog home. Snipper’s bike rides chicken in the back of the Zulu wagon while I continue my cold, cold play out into the bitter night. Arrive home with plenty to spare. Looking forward to a probable return to the RR next week.