Election Nite!

The moment we’d all been waiting for came with a thump. Over before it really started. West coast returns made it a quick and certain victory. Barack Hussein Obama! Snaking through the electric circus of hollering electioneers and celebratory horn blowers to get to the GF by 10p. The Snipper has been there for ages. 80’s video playlist for the victor and up to the minute election reports courtesy of Dr. Ortiz. Battles video! SA arrives shortly after. Lots of youth cranking to their first election. Young miss democrat was born in 1986! A dropper! A dropper! My kingdom for a dropper! Oh, the clarity! T to the i to the n-c-t … I gotta go, but SA and the EBMB remain in the glow. They sure grow these evenings cold, even if there is now a proper fireplace in D.C. Let us all warm our cold hands and heads on the opportunity for a better future. Good night and may the young ones remember this day as much as I will.