The Ping Pong Revolution Will Not Be Televised!

Meet in the airplane hangar down by Ladd’s for Rusty Nails and some crappy shuffleboard. Polytops leave more than a little to be desired and the bar as a whole wqs underwhelming. The ping pong table was truly the highlight of the bar. The stats of the contests will not be recorded, monitored, or spoken of. Ping pong between fathers is for qualitative, not quantitative analysis. Therefore, in that spririt, we will say only that the level of play was high and that fun was had by all. Where to? North Bar. Wet ride (we passed Victory Bar – looks promising) and walk in to a fabulous place and seats at the bar. $1 PBRs and plenty of alcohol. The whole crew looks tired tonight and the fathers start peeling off one by one. First Owen, then Lee and Martin, and then Scott. I stay chat it up with Long Island, 21 and Portland, and Fat Tuesday from Milton Freewater until 2:00 a.m. I have almost convinced them that “Yeti Night” might be a great promotional campaign. I love the bar and exit as the chairs are being put on the tables. Brilliant ride home and cereal on the couch with the early morning news. What we know now: Ping pong is sacred, the Blitz is an empty hangar, polytops suck, and the folks at the North Bar are our best chance at solving the mystery of the Yeti.

Bars Visited: Blitz (Ladd), North
Attendance: DB, MB, SL, SP, LS, OC
Cycling (Mi.): LS (21.7), MB (13.5), OC(13.5), SP (9.8), DB (8.8), SL(Car)
Shuffleboard Overall W-L (Singles W-L) Notables:
MB (3-0)
LS (1-0)
OC (1-1) Shutout
SL (0-2)
SP (0-2)