Hal-acious Pigs in Space!

Cold ride to Hal’s, but at least there’s no rain. Hal’s getting a post smoking ban facelift as well. IPA as I wait for the fathers to arrive. Quarters on the table and a “we’re up” to Martin as he locks up. Challenge match against Mary and Noseshoe turns out to be a swift disposal. Lee pairs up with Angie, a pairing which goes over like an undeserved kick to the nethers. Scott and Lee stop the streak, but then get shutout. Two younguns named Maxwell and Jesse sweep Scott and Lee off the table. Martin and I use a late surge to keep the TFC honor intact. Ride to the Watertrough is exactly not downhill all the way. I’ll say it again: “Night bicycling is gold!”. We get the table but have to clean up after the slopsters and their beer spilling ways. This table must be saved. Lee and Martin shut Scott and I out and then win again on the send away. Across the street to the Space Room for three Jameson and backs, some chips, and a glowing tonic for Sousley. What? It’s 2a.m.! Lee and Scott begin the roll home while Martin and I hit Zach’s for some early morning fuel. Two Chicagos and some chili cheese fries. Unlock and ride home. Damn if it ain’t cold! See you next week.

Bars Visited: Hal’s, Watertrough, Space Room, Zach’s Shack
Attendance: MB, SP, SL, LS
Cycling (Mi.): LS(22.3), MB (12.6), (SP (10.3), SL(Car)
Shuffleboard Overall W-L (Singles W-L) Notables:
MB 6-1
SP 4-3
LS 3-3 Hanger
SL 1-4