3 Originals Impromptu Ride

Mr. B***** and I ride up to 42nd and Hawthorne to meet Martin for an impromtu ride of the original three. We decide to venture out to Vendetta to get a taste of the Saturday night table. Blockwalk and blazing on in. Dan and Martin challenge with a slow start and then victory. The place is packed with younguns and the windows are in full steam. We roll out down through the Rose Quarter, over the Steel Bridge, down the McCall Park riversdie path, and then back up over the Hawthorne for the climb up to the Goodfoot. Whiskey and beerbacks and three seats at the bar. ONe more place, gents? North bar. Bad beers form the ex-Nester that berated us before. But, we do get a drink of a grand peppery house infusion and the fine idea to eat late at Legin. Blockwalk and excellent ride out to the Avenue of Roses. Phoenix Room karaoke crowd in mild roar, but we’ll choose the abandoned restaurant they used for the lost Kubrick film. Hot and Sour, Hawaiian Fried Rice, and House Special Pork ribs. Tea. Water. What time is it? Down 74th for the north-south split. Home just in time to say good morning. For once, no work today.

Bars Visited: Vendetta, Goodfoot, North, Legin
Attendance: MB, SP, DB
Cycling (Mi.): MB(22), SP(21) DB (21)
Shuffleboard Overall W-L (Singles W-L) Notables:
DB 1-0
MB 1-0