Squeaking Vinyl and the Zulu Stomp

First night out on the new Falcon so I show up at Gil’s early and have a whiskey. Drunk folks on the shuffleboard table. Seems the one with a tatto target is up to the challenge as she beats me 16-7. Scott and Lee show up midgame and take up the next game. Lee downs Scott, starting a Lebold freefall at the Speakeasy. Martin and I take two from Lee and Scott, then Lee and I take two from Martin and Scott. Owen shows, but we’re already halfway to Hal’s. I order some Split Pea soup. Owen and Scott clear away Lee and Martin then me and some other guy then two other guys. Owen leaves while he is ahead along with Lee and Martin. Scott and I keep the table up against all comers and then split singles matches. It is then way past time to go home. I don’t know where Scott is going but I’m going up Clinton. Up the hill, down 39th, and all the way home.

Bars Visited: Speakeasy, Hal’s
Attendance: MB, SL, SP, OC, LS
Cycling (Mi.): MB(12.6), SP(9.6), LS (20.8), SL (10.4), OC (Car)
Shuffleboard Overall W-L (Singles W-L) Notables:
OC 3-0
SP 7-3 (1-2) 3 Hangers
SL 6-6 (1-2) Hanger
LS 3-3 (1-0) Hanger, Bloodbath
MB 2-3