A Win for Each Finger

Another trip to the Rumpus? Oh yes. Cycle out in fabulous spring weather with choppers speeding by at 80 miles an hour. Ain’t deep SE grand? Greeted at the bar with “our pucks or yours” and “pitcher of Hamms?” Wipe and prep the table and throw a few ends before EBMB and the Corvair arrive. Singles play falls my way and leads up to a fine night in the ledger. That’s 7 fingers in the glove. 1 complimentary pitcher as is the norm from this fine establishment. Off to Thatchers. Cycling in and then an alleywalk. No Dram because Scott drank it all. Jameson and copper backs. Seven fingers on the bike gloves. I’ll take the IPAH. Which joke is that? Billy Bragg songs. Hawaiian BBQ? Sure. Stop a the hedge to take a leak. Curb. Ass over tea-kettle. Wow! Quick before they figure us out! Really cruising now. Da’ Hui is right there. Shrimp and veggies and noodles. Drama students arrive. We all gots to get out. It’s early. Don’t forget your bike gloves. Send Martin north into “where the hell am I?” I head back, sack it in, and crash on the couch. One too many too earlies, I’m afraid.

Bars Visited: Rumpus Room, Thatchers, Da’Hui
Attendance: MB, SP, SL, LS
Cycling (Mi.): SP (14.5), MB(16), SL (4), LS (24.8)
Shuffleboard Overall W-L (Singles W-L) Notables:
MB 1-5 (0-1)
SP 7-1 (3-0)
SL 3-3 (0-1)
LS 2-4 (0-1)