Singles Going Catty, Mannish Boy returns, and Spot-on Superb Matchbox Eats

Meet Martin and no one else (?!) at my house for the planned Springwater trip. Guess it will have to be Singles Going Steady at the Black Cat. We roll down the corridor and quickly arrive at the Cat. Alleywalk and who should appear but the Silent Assasin himself. So, it’ll be the three originals holding class tonight. Forget what we said before about the place, the Black Cat is fine. The middle table is good but the south table is the gem. It is as good as any we have played on, including the Brunette (Rumpus) and Stinky Pete (Hal’s). This, of course, means we’ll have to come up with a name for it. By the way, Martin is not in a slump anymore. 7-2 in singles play, with only the Silent Assassin (aka Smokestack Lightning) beating him. He also registered a shutout. My three hangers were of little consequence on a one-win evening. After the shuffle, we decided on a nite eats spot. We were hoping for Pok-Pok, but ended up at the Matchbox. Great conslolation prize. Baked brie and fruit compote + Salami sandwich and salad greens + Red wine = Spot-on Superb. Dan talked me out of anything else for the night. While not home by midnight as pormised, I was, at least, in bed by one.

Bars Visited: Black Cat, Matchbox Lounge
Attendance:MB, DB, SP
Cycling (Mi.): MB (19.6), SP (9.2), DB (6.0)
Shuffleboard Overall W-L (Singles W-L) Notables:
MB (7-2) Shutout
DB (2-4) Hanger, Shutout
SP (1-4) 3 Hangers