Five strong Rumpus, Gold Dusted, and How Not to Apply Brakes

Singles going steady at the Rumpus. I carried the night, but it was underhwelming for all as shuffleboard zeal has grown weary from overuse. The ride down to Meridian was pleasant, with the five strong pack of night riders. Meridian is for lovers but we go in anyway. Too much whiskey and back on the bikes to the carts. Looking back, I brake quickly and am over the bars and on the pavement faster than shit through a goose. Pain and scraped up face. Can’t believe I didn’t break my arm. Keep riding with the injuries of the fool. I can’t evne feel it as I begin to eat. Putin or whatever it’s called is just right. Got to get home. Hobbled ride home is plenty difficult. Can’t wait for the morning soreness.

Bars Visited: Rumpus, Gold Dust Meridian, Hawthorne Cart Pod
Attendance:DB, MB, SL, SP, OC
Cycling (Mi.): DB (16.8), MB (17.6), SL(13.2), SP (16.8), OC (17.6)
Shuffleboard Overall W-L (Singles W-L) Notables:
SP (4-1) Hanger
DB (2-1) Hanger
MB (2-3) Hanger
SL (1-2)
OC (1-4)