The Triumvirate of Excess and/or the 39th Birthday of Dan Depravin

The Black Cat looms in darkened Sellwood. Show up to a close contest between Barrett and B*****. Dan takes it in a close match, and then takes me in a close one as well. Sousley? Stomach flu; Owen and Shalen are both AWOL. Martin fills in admirably for Owen as “Mr. Designated Social,” and soon the stale beer and lack of ambiance wear out their welcome. Whiskeys at the Night Light? Sure! Another round of whiskeys? Sure! Is it really only 11pm after the third whiskey and Rogue back? Conversation runs from TV shows to genitalia accessorisation and strange variations on Clorox… I shall say no more on those subjects. Short dresses and the realization that we are in fact dirty old men at this age. You’re only 39, ya young little bastard! Wobble off to the Hawthorne food carts, where three men share a burrito and three orders of fries. Mutual admiration conversation with a “moped biker gang;” obscure Quadrophenia references that go over their 20-something heads, but a good time had by all. Slog it up to 39th and Clinton, say goodnight to Dan and hit the bed at 3am. Happy birthday, Mr. B*****!

Bars Visited: Black Cat, Night Light, Hawthorne Cart Pod
Attendance:DB, MB, SL
Cycling (Mi.): DB (12.2), MB(20), SL (17.3)
Shuffleboard Overall W-L (Singles W-L) Notables:
DB 2-1 Hanger
SL 2-1
MB 0-2 Hanger