Night Bocce for Dos Originales; Incidente to be Forgotten

Carry the heavy set of bocce balls down to the North Park for night bocce with Martin. Takes a while to find out that the game doesn’t suck. Interesting, but we’re thirsty. Plan B is no plan at all for us as the friends are electric, tight and black and white. Head over to the Green Dragon for some Racer X. Oops, we have to play someone on that damn 18 foot polytop with two pucks capless. No one is sure whether or not the mexican incident occurred or not and Martin and Shalen want to keep it that way. I gotta be home, so I say goodbye to the EBMB at 28th and am home by midnight. The morning will surely feel much better after the very calm night.

Bars Visited: Green Dragon
Attendance:MB, SP
Cycling (Mi.): MB (15.5), SP (13.2)
Shuffleboard Overall W-L (Singles W-L) Notables:
SP 0-1
MB 0-1