Truffles, Bat Milk Cheese, and Mowing the Other Lawn

Looks like a tres originales night. Silent Assassin in cop sunglasses down the street. License and registration, ma’am. Roll down to Hal’s to meet the exhausted/sick EBMB. Truffles. Hal’s is back to crotchety and old and we lay our quarters down for the challenge. Waft of green through the open door. “Someone’s cutting the other lawn” rambles the manboobs. Ninkasi pitcher & 3 glasses. Dan and I muster only 2 points in a dsimissive sweep by the grey hairs. Do yu know where one might get some raw, free-range, cage-free, dolphin safe, bat milk cheese Yes, it is now available unpasteurized from the Netherlands. Cycle to Tiga makes for a glorious ride. Patio is all ablaze with younguns and hipsters. Softball Susan and talk of third win in a row. White beers in round glasses. Two rounds and then a Jameson. Alarm signals I got’s to get home. Truffle powered out of NE. Get a bit lost, but make it home by 12:05. Don’t know what became of the rest of them for the rest of it, but I’m sleeping.

Bars Visited: Hal’s, Tiga
Attendance:MB, DB, SP
Cycling (Mi.): MB (12.5), DB(15.5), SP (15.5)
Shuffleboard Overall W-L (Singles W-L) Notables:
SP 0-1
DB 0-1