The Longest Shortcut to Tiga

Meet at Thatcher’s. Didn’t anyone think to check inside for Scott? Martin, Dan, Scott, and I out to 205, down through Maywood Park and clouds of new summer bugs, and onto Marine Drive. Ah, sunset over the Columbia, says Clark to Lewis. Cut over before Salty’s fish barn and suddenly the meadow grass is the town. Roll up 15th, finishing the longest shortcut to the beloved Tiga patio. Great music that only Martin knows the words to. White beer in pints. Kong insists on ginger infused manhattan. Great ride and home by midnight. That is, except for Dan and Scott, who took in the food carts and possibly the Night Light.

Bars Visited: Tiga, Nightlight
Attendance:MB, DB, SP, SL
Cycling (Mi.): MB (25), DB(32.5), SP (32.5), SL (24.7)