Thirsty to Bomb

With the prospect of full six-pack of riders, I pedaled over to the Hollywood TC to meet the Thirsty Zoo Bomb contestants. Water bottle full of nails with a nip for every player. Everyone but B*****. Pile onto the train, through town, and into the belly of the mountain. Up the elevator vein and out into late dusk and slight chill. B***** offline and left for absent. Just the five and nothing to do but barrel down Kingston. “This isn’t zoo bombing. This is zoo coasting!” says Lebold and his new bike smell, zipping past with Foz tucked into his draft. Swereveless Zulu is a pothole magnet. This bombshell is all sketchy skin and hairpins. Descent leaves us with “Where to go?” Down through NW to the 21st ave Bar and Grill. Bar seats, but the patio is it. Can I have some of your water? Bookish dreams glancing over from table 2. Janush redux. Do you like oranges? Chairs up in ten minutes says the pretty matchstick. Tim arrives for the waning patio moments. Kicked back inside for a window table and talk of music, interviews, and ferrets. Tim orders calamari, but I’m off. Scott and Lee accompany down through town and over the Hawthorne. Lebold checks wrong on a one-way and ends up playing chicken with a van. Lee peels off south. Up Clinton to 39th for the homestretch. Ride safe, Scott. Goodnight Thirsty Bombers.

Bars Visited: 21st Ave Bar & Grill
Attendance:MB, SP, SL, OC, LS, Tim
Cycling (Mi.): MB(14.3), SP(15.5), SL(13.5), OC(14.5), LS(27.5)