Roll down through SE with Book’em Dan-o just in time for the tram. Everyone except Zulu tonight. Kong’s in with yet another new bike. The EBMB rocks the wire as height-sick B*****heart winces. Tram guy points us toward the Fulton School. Martin’s defiant roll through the lobby. Down and back and onto Terwilliger. All downhill from here and no bugs at all. Cut back across the Interstate and down the steep SF-style Corbett run. If it were paved, it would be gold. No bugs along the river either. “Now where to?” leads to an endless stream of indecisiveness. What about? Nah, what about? Until we carry our bikes up the B-side stairs and hit the Slammer. Should we? Yes. Her name is Anna. She has a jewel. She’s on a few websites. No one from America appreciates good head. The Foz is down two stiff G & T’s before the rest are on their first pint. What’s the difference between jam and peanut butter? That gal’s a powdersnatch. Ladies and gentlemen, let me please introduce Scrappy Pappy. Need another one? and another? Scott recounts a story from Jake and the Fat Man about how a coffee break can break your spirits. “Can it! It’s the fuzz!” Five-O on the heels of some hipster cyclist. Sure am glad they’ve got the K-9 unit on the job. “This is where it all goes down” says Anna. Cashed out and looking for a Visa. Every Tuesday, says Anna. Easy enough to roll to the Goodfoot. Whiskey, pints, and the garlic hurricane. One million vampires lay dead in the aftermath. As the nics retire to the heater hall, I make my exit. The others will surely continue beyond wit and wisdom. The Foz is rolling rare with a stiff cycle ahead, but no head for the cycle. Spinning streets! Curbs! The farmers will surely burn the late oil, blink their eyes as if to sleep, then rise early to the fields. The good King will calmly recline under his whiskey cloud, counting fat guys on bikes until he slips off to sleep. I catch the 75 to make the curfew and lock my bike up securely to the air in honor of the good king. The night, the route, and the jewel make a fine etching in time. So says the Scrappy Scribe.

Bars Visited: Slammer, Goodfoot
Attendance:MB, SP, LS, DB, SL
Cycling (Mi.): MB (24), SP(21.5), LS(31.5), DB(21.5), SL(21)