Kong turns 4100!

Start off with a carvivore’s dream BBQ at the Lebold house, then Martin and Birthday boy meet B***** at the Slingshot. Too hot for enlivened conversation. Tim joins up, and then… Scott invites a woman! A quick consult reveals that Julie neither rode a bike and is anatomically incapable of being a father, raising eyebrows all around. She is, however, already four beers in by the time she shows up from the Horse Brass and is willing to match the guys drink for drink. That, combined with a short skirt alleviates any misgivings. Scott will still be punished later and possibly blackballed for such a greivous transgression- must check bylaws. Drink Slingshot out of Pacificos, then start in on the Olympias. Heat and blockwalk have Martin’s eyes glazed over, lengthy farming talk has Scott’s eyes glazed over (“no, really. I find this fascinating.”) Enough alcohol finally works us out of our heat-induced haze around 11:30 (the actual 11:30, not the figurative). Realization that Scott was 2100 years old when Jesus was born. Julie bows out, then Tim, then Dan and Martin head off to the food carts. Scott stays to finish a last beer ands wobbles slowly home. Apparently Martin makes a final stop at the Goodfoot. Scott wakes up with his head feeling 6000 yrs old in fine Thirsty Father fashion wondering if he will be forced to ride on a children’s tricycle for the next month as punishment for his sins.

Bars Visited: Slingshot, Food Carts, Goodfoot
Attendance:MB, DB, SL, Tim
Cycling (Mi.): MB (17.4), DB(10.4), SL(7)