Deep North (Adjusted)

Prospects of a true deep north ride route begin to wane on arrival at 28th & Tilly. Lebold arrives in exhausted style from a drunk and sunny and exposes his burned torso, prompting the cries of “Sun Maid!”. Zulu, the Foz, and the Silent Assassin are conspicuously absent, so it is up to Kong, Scrappy, and the EBMB to make a go at the Fifth Quadrant. Roll out west and north via the corkscrew and overlook. “Oh, I know where we are now!” Up Woolsey and down Lombard for a Lesiure Public House debut. Great place. Concrete and bent wood bar, soft seats, good jukebox, and plenty of patio. Rock talk, essential singers, and sips from the water bottle. Time ticking so we depart and aim for the Florida Room. Kitsch-mart packed full of gals, tattoos, and late, late food. Onion rings and fresh greyhounds. Tim in post-recording blaze. Scott departs. The sun has pulled the final erg from his skin and he must sleep. I follow and race to catch the 75. Bus driver in ceaseless gab, but the trip calms the legs and mind. Home by 1:00a. Not bad.

Bars Visited: Leisure Public House, Florida Room
Attendance:MB, SP, SL, Tim
Cycling (Mi.): MB (19), SP(21), SL(25)