Rainy Rumpus Return

Let’s just say I underestimated a bit on the rainfall. The light jacket I had trusted to fend off the “light mist” was soon dead wet weight as I pedaled out for the Rumpus. Dressed up like a Titanic survivor, I arrived at the RR to dry out and ring in the return to the waxed plank. Good King Lebold had already dried out from his short jaunt and was awaiting the first challenge. The Brunette was faster than fast, but the Good King managed to adjust quickly, registering a 7-point frame on the way to 15-6 victory. Not to be outdone, I rebounded with a 16-5. The Edinburgh Mannish Boy then arrived, changed into a dry t-shirt and set to the challenge. After falling victim to a dazzling array of 5 and 6 point frames, I managed to crawl back with my own show and capture a 17-13 victory with a bloodbath in the final frame. The Snipper then pinned a goose egg to Kong with an 11-0 shutout. The rematch of the Old Guard favored me again 16-9, despite Martin scoring the first and only hanger of the night. I then finished off a fine night of shooting with a 15-6 victory over the Good King. All this despite the horrible, Americana-heavy wailing of the America’s Not Talented and the empty nuthin-doin of the Rumpus Room on a Tuesday night. The Hamm’s pitcher and onion rings finished, we were off to the North Bar. Plenty of more rain in the clouds for the dumping and, at last, we made a wet arrival and began to dry out. Tim (or rather Slim Tim of country music fame) arrived for peanuts, chips, and $1 PBRs. Talk of liquor, music, and fùtball under the antlers of this fine, fine bar. Midnight calls me home. Oh look, its still raining.

Bars Visited: Rumpus Room, North
Cycling (Mi.): MB(11.4), SL(4.2), SP(12.8)
Attendance:MB, SP, SL, Tim
Shuffleboard Overall W-L (Singles W-L) Notables:
SP (4-1) Bloodbath
MB (1-2) Hanger, Shutout
SL (1-3)