Nice ride out to Vendetta for some very cheap beer and shuffleboard. Dan, Scott, Martin, and Tim in attendance. After waiting forever for the slow players to finish up, Martin and I claimed the board with a swift 21-10 drubbing of the table holders. Then we were summarily dismissed by Dan and Scott by the score of 16-11 (I think). I am not sure what went on after, but I had a marvelous ride and set a personal record of 35 minutes to home from the Vendetta. Just in time for curfew. The rest of the group finished at the Nest, where it has been reported that some competitive ping pong was played.

Bars Visited: Vendetta, The Nest
Cycling (Mi.): MB (8.4), SP (16), DB (16), SL (14)
Attendance: TL, MB, DB, SL, SP
Shuffleboard Overall W-L (Singles W-L) Notables:
SL 1-0
DB 1-0
SP 1-1
MB 1-1