Soakin’ in the Boy’s Room, All Hail the Pembertons, and Ye Ole Tricerihops

The return of a slight fall chill pointed us back to the tub. Oh what a soak it was! Tim, Martin, and I slipped into a post blockwalk empty tub only to gaze upon the beauty of the rapidly arriving crowd. Full steam ahead! Feeling refreshed, both from the hot water and from the further affirmation that there are some extremely fine looking humans in Portland, we decided wisely on a short cycle to the Florida Room. After a few pints of TG, we headed to Beulah. Martin and I stopped to look basement apartment that soon will be Snipper Central. Beulah was dead as a a ghost, but we made the most of it. They had Drambouie, so I went for the nail. Tim said his goodbyes, but Martin and I skipped on over to the GF for a blockwalk and then a visit to Scott Pemberton’s group. Jai’s drum breaks and Scott’s “Third Stone” made for a thick, groovy listen. First amp delivered by extra-cycle? I am but a mere kite and I shall float on. At this point, the night should surely have been over, but Martin and I opted for the late stretch of Tricerihops and Scotch eggs. Been a while since I rode the wee earlies with such a wobble. Sometimes you just have to smash the morning with a spirited last call.

Bars Visited: Kennedy School, Florida Room, Beulahland, Goodfoot, Horse Brass
Cycling (Mi.): MB (14.5), SP (18)
Attendance: TL, MB, SP