Gutenteit!, Tomatinas, and Living the Question

Kong, B*****heart, the EBMB, and yours truly depart from Chez Parker, cycling though warm air down to the corridor. The corridor drop also meant 20 degrees lower in temperature, the first of many considerable microclimate shifts on the night. Busy along Oaks Bottom trail with bikers taking in the first night of fall in large numbers. Campers on the river with makeshift tents and transistor rock radio blaring. The familiar lights of the city still a fresh sight to these eyes. Roll up through the central eastside industry and around the tail of a freight train on our way to the Slammer. Sousley, the stranger from long a go, waits at an outside table. The sight of Anna’s shiny bike makes us hopeful, but it is a red dress with keys on a bracelet that serves us capably, if not stylishly. Mostly see-thru American beer for us over loud laughter and a ribold recap of Duke’s. Suggestions of country wear and the echoes of Altoona. The pinacle fo German engineering: Gutenteit! Quick cycle up to Gold Dust. A somewhat uninspired visit, but coast and Spanish tomato throwing hatched. Also my first proper beer of the night. Lee departs but the rest slip on up to the GF for hurricane fries and a pitcher of Laurelwood Red. JW fills the “jar”. The last step, a debut at Barrettshire on Davis. Tomatina vid, auto tune, and “bonus”. Wee hours when we unlock and roll home in the macroclimate chill. A mere three hours until morning coffee. “Skyrockets take naps – afternoon collapse!” That’s what you get for living the question.

Bars Visited: Slammer, Gold Dust Meridian, Goodfoot
Cycling (Mi.): MB(11.3), DB(9.8), SL(15.6), SP(9.8), LS(23)
Attendance: MB, DB, SL, SP, LS