Chub Nub is a Sub, Bike Hotel, and Kong Pong Chicken

Meet B***** with almost clairvoyant timeliness at the end of the block and we roll out North under the perfect fall curtain of sky. Time is truly with us as we roll up to Powell in simultaneity with the EBMB. We three, Los Tres Orignales, roll swiftly up the Alameda ridge and then its all downhill from here. Martin’s gravestone will surely read “Now I know where we are!”. Lock up, “block” up, and walk up to the tub. His chub is a sub. New padri Dave already soakin’. The tub water is dressed up like the swamp thing. Zulu joins to make five strong. Who knew Jenny Microsuit had a sister and a cousin and two best friends. Nub a dub! Shower and retog for a return to the Nest. Has it has been but a year since Hawksuit-Poetry-Gate? Check out the 20 slot bike hotel. This ain’t Joe’s place. No i in team but certainly a Tim in timely. A little something for the Subaru cloudmen and their blaze through the door. Kong’s been drinking for weeks waiting for us. Dave sits on the Cash Couch and spins a yarn of Animal House wallpaper and famous bathtub. Kong and B*****heart disappear for patio pong. Standing on the patio, the scene of the poetry crime of 2008, makes me think of a haiku by Lord “Table” Tennison: Dan and Shay are wrong. The good king’s golden paddle. The Kong owns the pong. I, for one, am content to drift home under perfect skies and abandoned fall roads. The drivers sure start packing it in when the dark starts early. Kong, B***** and the EBMB, they who know not when to say when, set off for Tiga’s fabulous coffee/baileys. Sixer from Le Pantry de Plaid and another clipfest at Chez Martin. 2:30 am is for the nubbers.

Bars Visited: K-School, The Nest, Tiga
Cycling (Mi.): MB(15), DB(15.3), SL(12.6), SP(15.3), OC(7)
Attendance: MB, DB, SL, SP, OC, TL, DL