Freelance Friday, The Debut of Liza, and the Amazing Horse

First off, Dave’s Liza Torelli (pictured) made its official TF debut on this Freelance Friday. Man in the machine, my friend. A thing of sheer beauty. A white steed among the donkeys. The night had begun early and in earnest with Dan and I stopping in at Chez Barrett for Jaeger and Footytube. No real need for my rain gear. Great ride under mild skies up to the Vendetta. Not Tuesday, so the place was pleasantly packed. After some fine shooting by everyone except me, we headed to Tiga. That is, everybody except me. Line delays made me a distant straggler at the Tiga. Cash is quicker. Plenty to look at on a Tiga Friday and the Ninkasi was damn tasty. With the late evening creeping in, we say our farewells to Dave (and Liza). Los Tres Orignales make a Voodoo pitstop and then ring in the wee hours overĀ this amazing horse. Sweet, sweet lemonade! Just like Liza said, “Reality is something you rise above.”