Crash Bandicoot?

“Gonna be clear and dry. No raingear needed” said the “Rain Man” in the soaked jeans.  It actually didn’t rain much, but I am sure the nick will stick. The wet roads that remained provided excellent conditions for The Chairman’s skid stop trials. If only our trivia night trial had gone off as well.   It is clear that more organized and engaged counsel is needed if we are to escape relegation. Crash Bandicoot? In truth, it was a balanced effort until the unwise all-in at the end tipped the scales. “Daniel Stern”, “eardrum”, and that Sex in the Ciity shoe evened out our “Montenegro”, “Tulsa” and “tollhouse cookies”. The new Kay’s picture pleasantly erased the dull sketch of our last visit and it is a sure bet we will return. The pre-trivia Cosmo visit was a less convincing affair. A strong complement of fathers on hand with Fosbury in fine form, Kong in booming spirits, and the Chairman in full Liza glow. And then of course, there were the trusty Tres, well lit bulbs in the dim night. The after bar scramble led us to a closed Liepzig and a shouted down Lutz and Delta. I cut out east at Bybee, leaving the Night Light to the late-nighters. Not a bad showing for deep Southnomah, I must say. Tuesdays are gold.