Portway and Means Committee

Looked like just me and the EBMB on the evening, but the scene soon changed. After a lifted ride and soak at the K-school, Kong chimed in. Despite some grumbles for a less ambitious itinerary, we felt we owed it to the clear sky and mild temps to keep to our Portway promise. Great choice. The ride out was pleasing as always we got quite a greeting. To put it simply,the Portway Tavern is a warm, friendly neighborhood bar. Jameson and PBRs X three and some Olympic coverage. Which Henson puppeteer does the voice for Costas? Why do I hate Chris Collinsworth? Oh yeah, you try to be genuine with those cheekbones. Snowboard gal blows the run in her redemption bid. Settle up and say goodbye. We’ll be back for the spring patio. Ride back along the ridge. Watch out for cartwheel man. Through the corkscrew and down Skidmore to the Vende-uh. Kong puts an formidable 18-1 hurt on me then gets shutout by EBMB 13-0. EBMB then goes all Golden Hammer on us, refusing to lose. Don’t ask me how he came back from 9-2 to win 15-9. Ask him! SA enters for some doubles. Despite my attempts to stretch the night beyond pumpkin time, duty calls me home by 1a. The remaining three make a right night of it by taking in some late night eat and drink at the Matchbox. (Note: When you look at the 2010 standings, please understand that the Statty listed there is an impostor. He appears to be mentally and physically challenged in some way. I’ll let you know when the real Statty returns.)