Friday Alert

We waited.  We waited.  Finally we got a chance.  We won.
Then two girls approached the table.  One very hot.  One very not.
Guess which one EBMB sent to my end of the table?  Not!
Jocks round two.  Almost lost on purpose as to not get ass kicked.
Guy on my end turns his iPhone up as if to get him self psyched out Top Gun style.
In attendance:  EBMB, Ellsmore, Chairman, SA.  Only EBMB rode a bike.
Value added from EBMB:
I am on a roll!!!!!!!!!!!!! FYI I played one of my best shots ever against this really cocky prick (TV Critic for Koin TV) who had managed to score a corner hanger with a good blocking set up. I managed to curve mine round the block and maintain the rail to knock him off and take the 3 points. He was stunned…even more so when I shouted “Thirsty Fuckin’ Fathers Man!!!!!” loud and proud right at him!
From the Tally Man:
That is 11 in a row for the EBMB, with a kielbasa in that span.
Also of note: the team of DLMB has won their last five.