Twenty Dollars?

SA and I roll out early to catch a curling open house. Whatever you do, do not put the bike racks anywhere near a door. Never! Mass Olympic crowds make it look a bit tedious. Wait eight weeks for the Vancouver 2010 shine to fade. For tonight, we’ve seen enough. Roll out to Vendetta in familiar fashion. The EBMB already has his initials on the board. And you may find yourself being shown some silver! And you may find yourself with a pot of gold! And you may find your nose in between two large bosoms! And you may ask yourself, “My God! What have I done?!” The Snipper continues his singles dominance with two swift killings. SA then pushes me over like stack of blocks. My misery is finally curtailed, however, as the rest of the night is all me and SA, winning four straight. While that’s all well and good, the real story of the night was Kong. The Good King arrived in fine form after waiting at the Beulah for our arrival. He promptly was offered a chance to rest his batteries on a chin for $20. Who knew the Vendetta patio was where the tricks turn? She must have sensed his desperation. If that story wasn’t enough, Lebold and LeBeautiful had to go and get all rare on us. He became the second player in TFC history to register a double hanger. With that feat, he also etched a 9-point end to his fine 2010 record. Put that on yer chin and smoke it! With the EBMB having an early a.m. departure time and me with the pumpkin, Snipper and I headed south after a single, sip, & rip. 10 minutes from Vendetta to Chez Barrett is fine work. Home in time to watch Shaun White on the Tonight Show. We can only guess if the twenty dollars went unspent.