Springwater – Roadside – Hal’s

The EBMB/DKW/Snipper meets me at my house and we ride down to Springwater. After a pause at the bridge, we roll out at a pace under light rain. Too cold for the frogs. Never get used to the view of this city at night from the east side. Roll up to the Roadside where Kong is waiting. Talk of curling over whiskey and nut brown ale. Zulu and the Spaniel arrive to make us 5 lords a leaping. Off to Hal’s. What happened here? Hal’s daughter has given the place a woman’s touch. Better to have the Farmer’s challenge against the Gold Dusters. They win the table and then do away with the gal and I in no uncertain terms. Pumpkin time for me, but there is plenty left in the stack for the rest. EBMB’s winning streak apparently is over due to an amazing 11-point end by the Meridian lass. Curling next week?