Me and the Plum, Vendetta Viewpoint, and Long Live Leisure

Los Tres Origniales find the Klickitat vard, kickball in striped stockings, and a back table Vendetta viewpoint. Maiden voyage of the Plum (not elastic) and I’m feeling shifty. The plan could fizzle here, but we’ve just got to make good. Leisure or bust, the overlook time trial, and the square topiary arch. Dave is temporary, like achilles, but the car gets him there for a round of  St Witgeinweizenberry or something. Trivia at the front, bocce in the back. It seems someone’s former babysitter’s daughter’s ex-boyfirend’s been messing around. And then, the High Fox arrives. Is that a white dress? Whose sexy arms are those? Can I get a waitress? Someday I’ll sleep at Letson Garage, but tonight my bed is one hour ten from here. Goodnight and 14 miles of me and the Plum, heavy and straight, under the midnight curtain.