Odd 3, Broken By-Laws, and Farmer Phoenix

Dan – Arrived at the Vendetta late.  Owen had to hold down the fort in a packed bar (trivia night) until Scott and Dan arrived. New official TF handshake developed.  No touching required.  No possibility of exceeding B*****’s limit.  Better than a fist jab but similar.  Every one should watch Ong Bak Thai Warrior.  80’s music.  The beauty of good political punk.  “Clit Stix…did I offend?  No one responded?!?”  <crickets>  As much as Lee Ving hates New York it’s still an awesome place. Shuffleboard killers.  Rotating teams cleaned up others over and over and over.  Insane number of notables.  Almost completely unbelievable.  Did I mention the St. Johns Bridge loop?  Was that a 30 mile night for all? Dan is officially single.  Is Owen next? <cue dramatic music again> Everyone thought it would be Scott.  We’ll all fall in the end…and rise like the Phoenix!  Farmer Phoenix! Scott breaks the by-laws. Doesn’t he get some kind formal notice at this point? Off to the Nest to meet Ms. Nubile.  She has friends.  A meeting of the female version of TFs in our future?  Good bye Owen (Cinderella). Scott, “Good by Dan.”  Dan, “Um, ok, I guess I’ll leave now.”

– My itinerary (Vendetta and hot women- 8:30pm; Loss of sobriety-9:00pm; Loudly insulting Fathers who “couldn’t make it”-9:10; The Nest and more hot women wearing even less clothing; Tiga, incoherence, and stunningly hot naked chicks; Straight shots off some nubile’s perfect breasts-1:26) was spot on. Although, by mutual agreement, we pushed back the “loudly insulting absent fathers” by 15 minutes due to Dan being late and not yet on his second round. Looks like the first week of November again this year for the TFC coast trip. It is agreed.

Owen (sent prior to evening)
 – Clit stix? No offense Tim, but if you think about it, that is funny! Don’t hit me. I’m no player anymore, just a dude abiding, the 4th father and a pretty fuckin solid mediocre shuffle board player.  It will be weird without Shalen Rotten and Scottish Vicious, but we can do this. Don’t forget the dames Scott!

Martin (texting from the coast) – Tim an I officiating satellite TFC night here in Manzanita. Soon bonfire on the beach with marshmallows and fun. Have fun wherever you ride or play.