You’ll Never Walk Alone

The EBMB and some stranger from the South meet up at my house for a Springwater ride North on new path paving. Deer on the ground and osprey in the air. However it is simply amazing that they are not scared away by Fosbury’s chain noise. Everyone calls Dan at the same time to let him know what he already knows: meet us at the peace park. Gerard also chimes in, but Zulu gets real lame fast and texts out of the competition. Nice ride up to Hop and Vine, but the place is uneven on the night. Besides taking about an hour to order beer or settle up, the patio vibe is a ghost of snob trivia. Next week we’ll have find a place that sells 5 oz. of beer for $10. Mallware is successfully beckoned. Light pockets are no match for the Thirsty Father’s Trust. Kong wil not be nudged, depite the effort by Toona. Anyway, the Hop is a flop and we motor away to trusted Tiga. No La Chouffe but plenty of puff and couches. Once again, Dan is in with the eats. Olives and peanuts are just fine. Great DJ makes a cartoon out of me. “Fearless” tells us all that we’ll “Never Walk Alone.” Foz and I have to bolt as the clock doesn’t lie. Fine ride home and home in plenty of time.