Hot Soak, Mc Chouffe, and the Hot Hawaiian Patio

Hot child in the city, Mr Gilder. Better to ride with leisure over to Martin’s rather than arrive a sweaty mess. His mum advises to be “sure not to exert yourself in this heat.” 80 degrees is perfect. Hot soak on a hot night with Dave joining us and a only a few other bathers. No Van Halen for the bathroom. Martin has the old guy-young guy skit pitch. Have you seen my green bag? I got it at the Highland games. You will be able to see it even better around the corner. Scott calls in that the East Burn is overrun and not a good first stop so we head straight to Apex. Big screen beer menu is plenty to look at. Great patio and outside food allowed, Barkeep says Hammy’s delivers. Hop Rod Rye for Scott and I. Some sour for the EBMB. Owen calls from the East Burn wondeirng where we are. He says the place was overrun … with women. So that’s why Scott threw his wallet down and ran away screaming. Two bottles of MC Chouffe, “the darker La”, and we are set. Dave rolls out of the picture, but the rest of us mull our options. Produce Row it is. Both Owen and I marvel at the new Pro-Row. The patio is all about the hot Hawaiian tennis dress. Good eats despite the nacho tariff. Scott and I head South and Zulu and the Snipper head North. A very good night in August indeed. Apex and Pro-Row are certainly now in the rotation.