4,3,2,1 … Slushie!

4 Bars: Landmark Saloon, Sapphire Hotel, Gold Dust Meridian, Red Flag. 3 Originales: We barely even missed the lot of you, this being one of many Tuesday’s this year with just us three. We all arrived late at Martin’s Skype palace. There was talk of volcanoes and rain. Dan arrived with a flat tire project to finish, but “Ah Shit, She’s a Golddigger!” was there to entertain. I managed to ride my 8 speed down to 4 by disengaging the front derailleur cable on my way up. Brakes were not happy in the rain, either. “Quite a build you got there, Shalen.” I wear the gloves, because, as I was repeatedly told, I’m a complete poof. No jacket required in the light rain and very mild temps.  2 New Bars: Landmark Saloon: Yet another for the rota. Great smoking cabin near the front porch. They serve food, but the owners would rather not. Still, if you’ve got $300 to spend, they’ll fix you a sandwich. I pitched Yeti Night yet again to the straggling North bar keeps. Patio is gorgeous. Fire and tables and no need to lock the bikes. Met the owners, Mark and Tim. We also talked to a fisherman about starting a fish smoking enterprise which Martin dubbed “Gut Smok’n Suds.” You’ve been surprising me all night, Mr Barrett. Mr Chuff? Too much chuff for the muff? Fair enough. Sapphire Hotel: Great bar with mirrors to watch the faces of the turned away. All “date night” worries dissappeared as we settled in for table service. 3 Chimays from the tap in wrong glasses. Heavy aromatics turn our noses a bit at first, but grow right in like a good haircut by the time the glass is emptied.  Gold Dust felt new again with Jameson in full pour and aluminum tall boys of Old German. Dan’s got a garden ho. Red Flag proved plenty worth a stretched curfew. Slushies and food. 1 Volcano. The climb up Mt tabor was simply divine. There will be a two volcano night in our future. Davis ‘vard and then cut righ and slash up the hill. Holy trinity goes straight from lungs to legs. Despite gear troubles, even I feel like the hills are flat. Two magnificent views for the work. Check out the Hawthorne river of lights. Split-seam and new rain makes for slippery descent, but we all make it fine. Nothing like the first pint after a volcano. This night was a pure classic!