Yasgur’s Farm, Gentelman Creamcycle, and Farmers Go Five

Los Tres gather and ride up to Yasgur’s farm. Tres trinity, Mack Truck, and some classy female. Brush the hands up and no lights please. Yasgur puts his balls on trial and pedals Liza in freewheel. I ride Gentleman Creamcycle. Seeing as its only 8:30p, it seems only fitting to drop into Belmont Station for a bottle of La Chouffe. Hey, barkeep, is this a bottle shop? Do you have bottled beer here? I’ve even got La Chouffe glasses. You know, we could totally screw up your handlebars right here if you want to. Guess we’ll have to turn the bike over to get that out. The whole mess dutifully caught on film. To the Landmark, where Kong and Foz await us. Meet owners Marc and Tim again. Souza! It’s trivia night. Canadian prime minister and beer questions tucked in there. Thirsty Fathers once again finish second to last. Hey, at least I got the Dolly Parton question right. To the Workshop! White boutique fixed gear with adjustable stem out front. Drinking from mason jars. Talk of factions raises hairs. Kong excuses himself. Others threaten to leave at my expense. Check out the Savoy, my friends! Yasgur rolls his balls home. The remaining four make it 3 new bars with Clinton Street Pub. Foz and I head south, but the Farmers make it a 5-bar total with happy hour food at the Night Light. With shuffleboard approaching, this may be the last 5 bar night of the season.