The Winter of Our Content

Some things remain constant in my life like a knock on my door around 7.15pm on Tuesday evening when his Lordship the fair Parker arrives swiftly followed by the farmer. It plays out with familiar lines and actions and by 7.30pm we are on the road. Last night being the first night of the year was no different and by 7.35pm the tres were speeding their way to the kennedy school along routes etched into the psyche. Night time is my time! night riding, night soaking, night checking out the hot babes in the hot pool and then like wildebeest we head out on roads  to NOPO and leisure. Who the fuck else does this? Swift drinks, smart pics, sassy stories ( and a couple we’ve heard a few times) – Scott performed an impressive impression of “I’ve never heard this story before but won’t question your ability to draw mountains over time” For every ride to Leisure there is an equal and opposite ride back to Tiga….tired I tell you…tired….It’s been a while…..but night time is the right time and the ride time – EBMB.

Dressed as if headed for an overnight in a snow cave, the crisp clear cycle to Chez Martin had me peeling off layers despite the chilly temps. It was indeed nice to return to the early evening ritual and fight hard up the Regents hill to the earn some fine scenery at a winter soak. Six fathers in the tub started the year off with a fine energy, Zulu’s return being a truly hopeful sign for the collective. Sufficiently steamed and themed, we five cyclists (and one intrepid driver) rolled a great big overlook and took some cold air into our taxed lungs. We arrived, passing under the square arch, at Leisure with the trivia crowd in mass exodus, leaving us with a run of the place. Scott, truly gassed from his arduous drive, puffed in wait under the heat lamps. Oakshire IPA , ginger beer, and some whiskeys, I believe. After reclining in couch corner for a bit, it was time to begin the road home. “If you do not think the barkeep looks like Pete Sampras, you are not paying attention,” says and exasperated Zulu. “Or maybe the Menendez brothers.” The ride to Tiga was indeed “nippy galippy”, but with warm light and bottle of La Chouffe waiting there, the group gave an inspired pedal. Soon came the clock, and the night came to a close. The long ride south was a trial of cadence, but schmidnight came only 15 minutes late. A truly great start to 2011. – Scrappy

It was freezing out.  Frigid.  Really frickin’ cold.  Good thing my bike’s in the shop, because I was warm and toasty in my manly (yes, manly!) VW Bug.  Kennedy School for a good soak and some eye candy.  Owen’s here?  Does he even still exist?!  Apparently he does, because he touched my leg in the pool… pretended it was an accident.  Next time, you’d better buy me dinner and drinks first. Off to Leisure with an invitation to throw a bike on my rack and ride with me.  Dan’s torn, but eventually feels the peer pressure and hops on his bike.  Leisure awaits, as does a whiskey and beer back.  Kill time flirting with a serial-killer obsessed Haley and waiting for the Trivia Night crowd to filter out.  The rest of the Fathers shuffle in with a pitcher and glasses, and it’s off to the couches and comfy chair.  Conversation of old bands and the drummer that knew them (Where the hell’s Tim?), and then off to Tiga… except me.  I actually made it an early night- amazing. –Kong

We’ll meet at the K-school tub.  Be there by 4:30pm.  Then let’s ride to the moon.  I hear they have good water there.  USA water.  We should have plenty of time to loop back and hit Leisure (outdoor patio), Tiga, The Standard then a quick night cap at the Hut.  No problem.  28F?  Even better.  21 miles?  Great.  These and even more complaints drifted out crystallizing in the crisp night air.  Soon the complaints dissolved out of sight like so much steam off of the K-school tub on a brilliant winter evening.  This would have been a great night even if the race for the 2011 Golden Hammer wasn’t so damn close.  Gerard?  In the running?  Amazing.  I’m watchin’ my back.  – Dan

Thought I’d not commit to a TFC reply, but just show up in the tub, pulled the Specialized out of the garage, pumped up her tires and headed down towards Kennedy School.  Swooshed in behind the former herniated David, unsure so yelled his name out, but zulu swerved right up on him anyway just past 42nd and Going.  Knuckle bumps and off to the tub.  Good scene, good times, nice to see the fathers.  Out early, cold ride to St. Johns, thighs killing the body out of shape, washed up former 4th father contendee. Look at the german philip sensation, we all have to leave.  Good ride, tub heat worked for me for the first 10 minutes at least.  Leisure good, american spirit, bartender knocked Scott beer back on the floor and so they doubled it for the Kong.  Nice hang out, back on the uphill ride again, tempted to have Scott taxi me to the Tiga, thighs, bike seat, perinium,  quick ride back, catching up conversation with Shalen, cars driving 60mph, isn’t this the road that guy was ran over twice on!  Tiga, old cat power, David and I took our shoes off, i felt like a non conformist subvert.  Off home, stoked i went out, probably wont’ happen again until February, got some nose job coming up, wanna look more like Pete Sampras.-Owen

Night Stats:
Attendance: Martin, Dan, Shalen, Dave, Owen, Scott
Bars: K-School, Leisure, Tiga
Beers: Oakshire IPA, La Chouffe
Weather: Cold, but dry. Low 30s / Upper 20s