Dan arrived early for a presoak prepack and we rolled up Park under the light snow of the Snowpocolypse. After a nervous  waterfront blockwalk featuring a police u-turn in sirens, we escaped into Paddy’s for a Pinch, Harp lager back, and a red haired beauty to bring it to our table. After a bit of Blazers-Knicks and a strangely intriguing theory by Mr. B***** concerning effective distraction methods during free throws, we wrapped up and set out slowly for the tub. The light snow and freezing rain made the trek up the hill an arduous one. Arduous enough for Dan go down on his bike. This is much different, but possibly less painful, than going down on a dyke. We were blessed to witness one of the fine moments in time when we passed by a Latino woman on a porch carrying a pizza box. “Frederico!” she exclaimed while tossing the last bit of crust and a tomato into the bushes. Anyway, we arrived at the tub a bit shaken, but ready for some steam heat. The EBMB was already soaking in a steamy stew of, unfortunately, other guys. We climbed out, dried off, and shoed up in the mezzanine. I mentioned that I had a set of cable chains up my ass just in case. As we rode gingerly down Alberta, Dan went down again. This time, it was indeed on a dyke. Picking his carcass up form the low level he had sunk, we all gave in to walking our bikes over the icy streets. Once down the hill, we were able to mount and ride again. We arrived at Star Bar to a disgruntled and lonely Scott. Great fucking new bar with great DJ. Cheap Trick “Ello Kiddies”. Thin Lizzy “Johnnie the Fox”. Garlic and Yam fries and Dan’s Cuban Bunk dreams settling for a Star Rueben. Don’t mess with the Kong Silhouette, my friend. Realizing that I had been out since 6, it was time to go home. After cracking the bikes out from under the silver thaw, I began my walk and bike southward. Having given myself plenty of time, I arrived gome well before schmidnight. Well, I guess we’ve got a candidate for heroic endeavor for this year. – Shalen

The bike got a complete overhaul.  A vision of smoothness, a beautiful vision in black.  I will ride tonight despite the below freezing temperatures and the howling wind.  I will brave the cold, I will  place my ass on the seat; I will wear many layers.  I will place my frozen feet on the pedals… and wonder why the bike is not actually moving.  Note to self- road tires have no traction on ice. I will drive.  I will be warm.  I will brave the heated interior.  I will remove a layer or two and drive in comfort to Star Bar where I will meet up with the other Fathers.  I will order a whiskey and a beer in the confident assumption that they will arrive shortly.  I will play pinball.  I will read the menu.  I will order another whiskey and another beer.  I will glance out the window.  I will curse the Fathers who have still not arrived an hour later.  I will order a third round.  I will attempt to not look like Creepy Perv Sitting Alone at the Bar, and I will fail.  I will text people and I will look at black velvet paintings… and I will be fairly drunk by the time the other Fathers finally arrive.  I will drink two more rounds and then go home.  I will be very hung over in class this morning.- Creepy Perv Guy (AKA Scott)

It was icy that night. I ate taco’s and had girly drinks with a 6 foot red head and a petite french girl. Everything happened so fast. Once we started drinking vodka out of wine glasses there was no turning back… – Dave (submitted by absentee ballot)

Fredrico!!!!! – Dan

A stellar write up Dan…….really you nailed it details wise….I felt like I was there every second of the night with you….wow…this collaborative content thing is bring out talents otherwise unknown in all of us. – EBMB

Night Stats:
Attendance: Martin, Dan, Shalen,  Scott
Bars: Paddy’s, K-School, Star Bar
Beers, Liquor: Harp Lager, Jameson, PBR
Food: Garlic & Yam Fries, Rueben Sandwich.
Weather: Cold. Snow and freezing rain. Icy roads. Low 30s.