Kong’s the Don

Second week of Slow Burger and Boneyard IPA at 6:30. This week, the Adjuster keeps up the prepack in Dan’s absence. Nice river ride, complete with rent-a-kids tossing boots by the riverwall. Up to Hal’s for a full house test of shuffling acumen. Good evening, Fuzzy. Kong becomes sole Don of the Kielbasa-nostra with his fourth, the first of the 2011. He and the EBMB skip through unscathed on a night not without it’s share of controversy. As if it is magnanimous to allow for the match to be played by the rules. We aim for Bar of the Gods, I double-back for my helmet, but still make it to the BOG in time. Crap if I don’t have the scoresheet. Memory test for the lacking. I think we cobbled it together alright. Time to go. Glorious evening. Goodnight. –Scrappy

Who has another bike stolen?? Yep, that’s me…  I’m in the car tonight.  I need something to cheer me up.  Thankfully, there’s a full complement of Fathers at Hal’s tonight all waiting to feel my pain on the shuffleboard table.  4-0… Keilbasa… conceding a disputed hanger to Dan to put Martin and I down 9-14- and winning anyway.  I’d love to say I played brilliant, but sometimes the pucks just fall your way.  Martin was, as always his solid self while I was (as always) his drunk yet amiable partner.  In honor of the EBMB’s amazing shooting on Tuesday, I picked up an ’09 KHS Urban Xpress on Craigslist this morning- amazing condition, although maybe an inch or two too tall.  Next thing you know I’ll be obsessed with old metal bands, weigh 98 pounds and be sporting a killer widow’s peak.  I wanna be JUST. LIKE. MARTIN! – Kong

Night Stats:
Attendance: Dan, Shalen, Scott, Dave, Sean, Martin, Lorenzo
Bars: Slow Bar, Hal’s, Bar of the Gods
Beers, Liquor: Boneyard IPA, PBR, Red
Food: Slow Burger
Weather: Dry, clear. Low to mid 40s.