Zulu/Chair, Adjuster on Two Wheels, & the Prepack Lasts All Night

Zulu Chair

So, the prepack started a bit late, with the Spaniel catching up with me for some impromptu green networking and a delicious Slow Burger. Brilliant puff and pedal up to Beulah where the rest of the crew were waiting. Blazers over Spurs on the projection and a few beers. Cheers to the Adjuster on two wheels. Sandy Hut was next and a surprising night at the board with Zulu Chair ruling the roost with three wins and 2 shutouts. The night simply could not end for Dan, Dave and I, so we hit the Red Flag. “Wingman always gets the dirty girl?” Yes. “If I ever hang a carabiner off of my belt loop, kill me,” says the Chariman. Coaxed into after hours and a posptpack at Holaman’s we did our level best to cut through some pints and a Rusty Nail. We ended up leaving some fine liquor on the bar. The cycle home in the wee hours was not unbrisk. The long wobble from pre to post came to a silent end. Good night gentlemen. See you next week.  – Scrappy

Great night boys! Brrrrrrrrrrrr! – The Chariman

Great night indeed.  ‘Cept me grapes and stem were frozen like Lake Flacid. – The Adjuster

Great night?  Fuckin’ Fantastic night!!!.  I’m the best gol durn shuffler north of 24th and Davis, west of 78th and Tillamook and if Dan and Scott aren’t around.   The Zulu Chair is a force.  Pixies, I was so over them by the time you saw them in ’98 dude, but you’re cool thanks for giving us the table.  Dan turns us on to the Avalon hip hop PDX  goth trash rap.   My dick . VIP, your dick HIV, good stuff, a lot better than the Hut’s mini corn dogs……….  Zulu!


Night Stats:
Attendance: Dan, Shalen,  Scott, Dave, Sean, Martin, Owen
Bars: Slow Bar, Beulahland, Sandy Hut, Red Flag, Holman’s
Beers, Liquor: PBR, IPA, Whiskey
Food: Slow Burger, Tots
Weather: Dry, clear, cold. Low 30s