Gin and Farmers

Gin & Farmers

Friday evening and what to do? 6pm and the infamous Friday evening shuffle off at Hal’s calls….it’s time to put the EBMB to the test…Farmer calls at 6.45pm with a few free hours and we both agree that we should test our mettle against the old pros. It’s a full house and the $2 entry and match by the bar looks like a good $48 pot to play for. Random draws mean the EBMB is drawn with Ed ‘remember it’s just for fun’ Mc32oz budbottle  and Farmer with a gnome called Erin. Ed and EBMB pull off a confident 17-0 shutout first game and then have to wait another 5 games ’til round 2!!!!!! Ed consumes another 32 x 32 oz Bottles of Bud. Farmer dan employs a stealth G & T or 4 ( 5???) and he too  scores a win at 18-6 over two others…with a hanger too. The EBMB gets a bye into the next round for some reason and farmer is called upon again. Not even the power of 6 G&Ts can prevent a 8 -19 loss and the farmer goes off to nurse his sorrows with another G&T. Such is the predominance of G&T that the EBMB gets in on the act too. It’s now 10pm and the G & T count is DB 6 MB 2….EBMB and sozzled Ed lose a close game 10-15 after being given ample opportunity to win  – ne’er mind. It’s just for fun However our Prowess is recognized when Gnome and Gnome hat 2 request a game after the tourney is done and we win 16-10 So we both go 2-1 for the night. ‘This is the best bar in Portland’ – Ed – EBMB