KONGED? Get help. 1-800-TABLERAPE

I made four stops last night: 442 Bar, The Slammer, Fixin’ To, and Voodoo Doughnuts. However, TFC can only claim the last three stops. Got home at 1:00 after Mardi Gras doughnut celebration with Dan. Just so you know, Dan is no longer a homo(wner). – Scrappy

The Fixin’ To was nice. Good vibe. Even though it’s way the fuck out there. Free shuffleboard on their short stack, sticky-azz, pee wee table. At least it was free. I finally took notice of the Kong’s table-raping sex-capades. No means no Kong. And for F sakes man, it was a junior, kid’s table. I am a mandated reporter. Should I be calling CPS? Good beer selection at the Fixin To. Menu looked pretty decent. I didn’t try the food though. The owner was friendly and actually pretty hot. We chatted a bit outside before the gang showed up.The smoking patio was great, complete with a wood fire pit. I was 1-1 for the night on the wee table. Also, I got a hanger on the last game that Statty and Kong stole from me and EBMB. Kidding.Not really. Looking forward to next Tuesday. And Dan you’ll always be a homo(wner) inside where it counts. Don’t ask and I won’t tell.- The Adjuster