Preshow: Astronomy

Shalar Flare (64.7%, 9-1 over the last 10) Like an explosive release of solar magnetic energy, Shalar’s fiery run has him wearing the corona for the time being.  Sure, his hot hand might rule the universe right now, but the question remains: Is he perpetual furnace or just a ball of gas?

Extra Bright Meteoric Bolide (59.1%, 3-7 over the last 10) The EBMB is certainly the brightest of meteors. He is currently falling from a great height, but, lest we forget, he is a resilient rock. While everyone waits for the sonic boom associated with a bolide falling through the atmosphere, one should not be surprised to see this rock defy gravity, reverse its cours, and glide miraculously back to the heavens.

Owenzone (57.1%, 5-5 over the last 10) We all know the Owenzone is there. We all worry about harming him.  However, we very rarely ever really see him.  I think we can all agree that his presence is essential to life as we know it.  Why is it that something so beneficial can be so easily punched full of holes. If he doesn’t make his presence known soon, he will fall like a pierced kite from the stratosphere. One million Midwestern girls with aerosol cans stand ready to affix their claw hammer bangs, making swiss cheese of his very fabric. Please Owenzone, we beg of you.  Show us you are still there.

Nadir / Danir (54.9%, 8-2 over the last 10) A nadir is the point directly underneath an object or body.  A Danir is that same point, only it is forcing itself up into the body with a painful jabbing motion. No one really knows what turns a nadir into a danir, but many agree it is gin and green in nearly equal parts, prepacked at around 6:30p on Tuesdays.  Back before gnomes took over, danirs were as common as the sound of the ring-a-ding.

Scottler Effect (53.7%, 3-7 over the last 10) The apparent change in wavelength of the creaking sound emitted by a moving shuffleboard table in relation to an observer’s position. The Scottler Effect can be used to estimate a table’s speed and direction. No one shifts a table like the Scottler.

Davity (46.8%, 1-9 over the last 10) Gravity is the mutual physical force of nature that causes two bodies to attract each other. Davity is the force that causes the Chairman’s game to go to shit. He can stay aloft for a time, but there seems no defying davity’s pull. There are dark clouds all around right now, but if somehow he can get his Pynchon , he might yet find Davity’s Rainbow.

Lorenzenith (38.1%, 5-5 over the last 10) No one can argue that Lorenzenith is a point that is physically above the observer. However, Lorenzenith’s game does not occupy the same piece of sky real estate. Despite some recent attempts to match game to name, his play is still more low-terrestrial than high-celestial.

SpaceTim Continuum (33.3%, 1-2 in 2011) He’d be here more often, but he’s busy recording in the fourth dimension.

Galaxlee (33.3% 1-2 in 2011) On a clear night, you can see the lights of Oak Grove faintly in the south sky. This glow is from what is known as a Galaxlee.  We can measure its emissions, but it is too distant to really know what it is all about.

RadiaSean (31.0%, 1-9 over the  last 10) Radiation is energy radiated from an object in the form of waves or particles. RadiaSean is that self-same energy radiated in the form of useless waves and meaningless particles. Some say such energy has potential, but, as of now, any real effect it has is purely theoretical.

Gerardular Clester (20.0% 1-4 in 2011) Large group of interesting facts found near the center of the conversation. The conversation may have younger aspects, but this group of aging wisdom is what makes the banter truly galactic.