Wobbling Weebles and Late Prophets

This wobbing weeble, prepacked since 6:30 and danced out at the Nest, fell gracefully from his gentleman’s bike and tumbled into a cushioned blanket of lush spring grass. The Chariman, cycling beside at the time, will attest that there were no signs of teetering before the sudden veer into the greenery. The bike and I unharmed, I was able to remount & catch the #75 bus assist going south. Gome just after shmidnight. – Scrappy

This just in….Farmers went to the Sandy Hut and drank a crazy amount of gin and tonic and saved the world with prophetic words.  I woke up at lunchtime in my bed covered in moss. Still putting it together…… – EBMB

Bars: Vendetta, Nest, Sandy Hut
Fathers: Dan, Shalen, David, Lorenzo, Martin, Tim