Skate Zombies Ahead

Tall texan tales of field goals at the dallas cowboys stadium combined with ecstasy fueled naked showers and strap ons started the evening as the herbal infusion of the pre pack took hold. After the Chairman completed an impromptu herbally infused dismount outside chez b***** The Silent Assasin complete with Super hero Farm Power (The uncanny ability to feel yourself up in a bar, say “wow feel my muscles” and choke the blue parrot all at the same time) and The EBMB rode ALL THE WAY to the slammer to watch the sun go down. Hal’s calls and The Good King Cream Puff is ready and waiting. It’s DLMB vz SLDB all night with 4-1 being the tally. Notable 9s, hangers, sixes and sevens are common place tonight as is reaching the 20 point mark. Standard of play was top notch – much crotch grabbing, high fiving and bird flipping. You wouldn’t have known Shalen wasn’t there as doppelgangers abounded with air guitars aplenty. Shalen is in fact “the girls”. When Pop Culture, cosmic confluence and the lastest thing are in alignment you can expect the TFC to to be there too. DL and MB share a smoke and team tactics outside Hal’s contemplating the flashing street sigh that tells us “I5 ramp closed on Morrison Bridge”…..Not 1 millisecond after DL tells EBMB about the “latest craze” where by kids are hacking the sign’s computer to read humorous phraseology the sign changes to “SKATE ZOMBIES AHEAD HIDE YOUR BEER” right in front of our faces as car load after carload of people stop take pics laugh and drive on. The temptation to enter “Lester – Parker the choice for a new generation” was enough for us to open the box but not touch the keypad. Truth they say is stranger than fiction – EBMB Bars: Slammer, Hal’s, Holman’s Fathers: Scott, Martin, Dan, David