No Foldies, No Crocs, and Score Your Own Points

I can still hear the ear piercing call of the woo-girls on the deck of the Elk Rock echoing in my head. And I will never be able to hear the words Grant’s Pass again without shuddering to myself. Fucking amazing prepack gentlemenz. Lee was an excellent bartender. Cheers! The Farmer and the Adjuster went 3-0. I sorta remember seeing a smiling Tim as I was stumbling out the door at Hal’s. – Adjuster Prepack with Sousley? I’m still not sure it really happened. It took us five years, and we didn’t think we had to say it, but …No foldies, no Crocs, and and score your own points. Purple Passion caught me pissing on the fence, but she won’t post it. If you can’t get it up Grant’s Pass, well … I remember Elk Rock. Me and my high school buddies used to swim near there. Boy, that was a long time ago. Congrats, Adjusted Farmers. Great ride home on gentleman orange. Gome by shmidnight. – Scrappy Please add “El Krock” to the list of bars never to be visited again by TFC. “All my scars are beautiful.” “All my toys are purple.””Don’t Do Coke, It’s my favorite drug.” – EBMB Do you have White Horn on tap? – Silent Assassin Old country White Horn, to be exact. – EBMB Cask conditioned, preferably – Scrappy Bars: Elk Rock, Hal’s Fathers: Dan, Shalen, Lee, Sean, Martin, Scott, Tim