Lozopack, Tabomb, & Namath

Biked to Lozo’s, stopping briefly to explain ditching my helmet under someone’s trailer. Headphones full of EPL podcast and LCD Soundsystem. Pizza, pipes, and porch. Met Doug, not knowing then that his last name was Namath. Chairman and the EBMB also in attendance. Chop it up Davis St. to the top of the volcano. Native dancing and drumming. Peak at the peak. What is the difference between Mt. Hood and Owen Craig? B*****heart joins the ranks and we bomb. Hal’s awaits. Fine shuffle ensues with notables and called wins (see Namath). Tater Scott arrives as hits table. Star Bar and goth biker chic for the afters, one rusty nail left in the coffin. Freaky good sliders and artichoke dip. Time’s up. Damn it if ain’t bliss riding home in a light breeze with headphones granting a soundtrack to the summer cinema. Gome by shmidnight and some change. Great night – Scrappy Bars: Hal’s, Star Bar Fathers: Lorenzo, David, Doug, Shalen, Martin, Dan, Scott