10 Years in America

8 intrepid fathers did well to return the cycling benchmark to its proper level with a glorious ride to St John’s and back. Leisure’s cement ping pong, The Nest’s nest, and the Sandy Hut’s video crack lit shuffleboard. 10 years in America for dub-dub, but it only takes a few minutes for me to get him talking with another bloke from the isles. Is that a tatertot hooka I smell? 100 pushups = 15 at 6:00 in a soccer field, 30 at the prepack, 30 at the fountain, and 25 at the Nest. Dub-dub and Namath have honors. Great effing ride. TFC, thirsty father approved! – Scrappy Bars: Leisure, The Nest, Sandy Hut Fathers: Dan, Shalen, Sean, Lorenzo, David, Doug, Martin, Owen.