2012: The Clarification Begins


Let us just clarify. Effing 50 degrees out here. Look at spring getting all up in winter’s grill. Talk less, listen and write more. I heard it from a chocolate cyclops. You kind of look like a dick. Flipflops follow crocs. Maracas are far too much heaven. Combs on stage. Chairman is 5-0. Metrocurious. Half caramel/ negligence / thirsty of fathers. TG in bottles. Don’t I know you from that cafe? Owmuch? Driftwood has a cradle, no plank, and a band called the flakes. Bus assist. Might just hit gome by schmidnight. Tuesdays. Shower for every man. Bars: 442, Vendetta, Driftwood (no stop), Spare Room Fathers: Adjuster, Statty, S.A., EBMB, Metrocurius, Chairman, Bezzo, High Kook, Zulu