New Bar Summer #8: Just Bluffing


Easy going night for the TFC (and so quiet too). Dub Dub and Silent Assassin thread their way thru summer streets to The Bluffs. Uncle Sam and The Chairman arrive – we got Hoegarden vs Tecate. Lester More arrives proving less is more sporting manhood conspicuous packet positive spray on shorts. Off to Vendetta – Beers on Patio – we snub the SB table and take in ladies summer shorts and dresses. Ellsmore and Kong talk sausages – Ellsmore is convinced Kong likes urine penis lamb sausage – Kong likes european lamb sausage. We talk presidential sex analogies – “My cock is like Barack Obama – , good on the stump, pretty solid all round, it’s got two terms in it and leans to the left a little” More beers – less Shuffleboard – Bezzo and cousin arrives – more beers again. We pass the 10.30pm shuff start window and split – some remain for beers and some for holmans late eats. Gome by schmidnight ish – DDDD

Bars: Bluffs, Vendetta, Holman’s
Fathers: Lester More, Uncle, Chariman, SA, DDDD, Kong, Bezzo