New Bar Summer #11: Old Gold


Prepack of Statty, SA, Carbon Uncle, Adjuster, Dub Dub and Chairman. Beautiful windy night for a NE ride. Pick up Bezzo on the way. Bar is filled with good hipster/neighbor mix and the beer list is good. Blockwalk leads to a pushup mob. You know it’s Tuesday when you’re dropping for 30 on Gay Ave. Hopes for a Saratoga, new bar double fizzle, as renovations look like resignations. Maybe its just Extra Labor Day today. So, the Nest as planned. Kong had spoken, but never shows. Zulu already there with his own set of warriors. Nest is young despite the years. Book-em Danno and the early bunch raincheck the food cart option, but Zulu, Chairman, Dub-Dub, Adjuster, and Statty choose 3 Plow chicken fried steaks and a pot pie to go with Muppet Christmas peach-sheesh on coals. Now we know owmuchforanookah, mate. Ride home in factions. Dub-dub and I stop for a last beer and brie on the stoop. I hitch my wheels to #20 south and edge gome by shmidnight thirty. -Statty

Bars: Old Gold, Nest
Fathers: Statty, SA, Vic, Adjuster, Dub Dub, Chairman, Zulu