New Bar Summer #12: Local is a Bluff Puff


Prepack early birds might see the worm. Nearly everybody loves the white horn. Kong is Dan Haggerty with a new job. Local is a bluff. Just the Sandy Hut, right? More tall cans. Adjuster commandeers the juke. Kielbasa, shutout, flood, bloodbath, 11-point end. Kong kills two with one over niagra. Statty kills three with one. Yep, we’re really telling the story about the stoned wall again. Tim saw the cops, you know. Next week’s the Coppa you know. Bell tolls for all except los tres. Stovetop broth chicken, peppered potatoes, and leafy broccoli with teriyaki and homemade pepper sauce. Life agrees with the three. Bum the money for the #75 bus, but the bus never catches me. Best way to make $2.50, I guess. Gome by shmidnight thirty. – Statty

Bars: Sandy Hut
Fathers: Statty, SA, Adjuster, Dub Dub, Chairman, Kong, Bezzo, Namath